Facilities to Avail after Admission in D.Pharma College in Mathura

Admission in D.Pharma College in Mathura 2023: See Facilities Before Applying

At Sanjay College of Pharmacy, we have a Department of Pharmacy that’s a multidisciplinary department having a unique and versatile curriculum that blends the basic sciences with Pharmacy. The department provides an excellent learning environment, including lecture rooms, laboratories and practical rooms. So, it’s one of the key things students need to check when applying for admission in D.Pharma college in Mathura.

At our best D.Pharma college in UP, we have a well-furnished Pharma Clinic where students can observe and practice clinical pharmacy skills. Students have to go through various training sessions on pharmacy practice under the supervision of faculty members. That’s not all; we also provide other facilities to our diploma students, which is why they prefer us over other pharmacy colleges in the state.

Do you wish to know what those facilities are? If yes, then check out the pointers given below!

Top Facilities to Get at SCP after Admission in D.Pharma College in Mathura

The college offers a wide range of facilities to all its students. All the teachers and staff are amicable and helpful, and it is a great pleasure to study at Sanjay College of Pharmacy because of the following facilities,

  1. State-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure
  2. Modern labs and separate departments with the latest equipment
  3. Internship facility for final year students of D.Pharma
  4. A Well-furnished Pharma Clinic
  5. Ample Opportunities for Research Work
  6. Best Placement facilities for the students in the final year

Pick SCP for Admission in D.Pharma College in Mathura to Get these Facilities

The students can get hands-on experience in various areas of pharmacy, such as compounding, dispensing, dispensing aids, drug information and management of medicines. The interns are also encouraged to work on research projects presented before the faculty and hiring recruiters.

Thus, if you wish to get all these benefits and facilities during your course duration, consider selecting Sanjay College of Pharmacy for admission in D.Pharma college in Mathura to start your career.