Pharmacognosy Lab with museum

Pharmacognosy Lab with museum:- This Lab consists of 150 organized as well as unorganized crude drugs. The lab provides esteemed guidelines to the students regarding natural source of drugs and phytochemical screening through various instruments like binocular microscope, TLC apparatus, Clevenger apparatus, soxhlet extractor. The laboratory is utilized for morphological and anatomy study of drugs of natural origin. The laboratory has equipments for the extraction, fractionation, isolation and characterization of the organic drug molecules from medicinal plants. The lab is associated with a museum in which herbal drugs are displayed. A herbarium is also maintained in the lab for identification of the medicinal plants. A medicinal plant garden in the campus is available to catter the need of pharmacognosy lab. The medicinal plants are tagged with their biological nomenclature and categories used in chemotaxonomy.