Microbiology and Biochemistry Lab

Pharm. Biotechnology Lab (Microbiology and Biochemistry Lab)- This lab is used for the study of microbiological and biochemical processes of bacterial, mammalian cells. This lab is also utilized for plant tissue culture. This lab is associated with a aseptic chamber in which bacterial cell can be transferred and cultured aseptically. This lab is utilized for performing the microbiological assay of antibiotics and vitamins. The lab consists of autoclave, BOD incubator, Refrigerator, Laminar air Flow Unit, Bacterial Colony Counter, Centrifuge machine, etc. Autoclave is used for making the sterile chemicals and glassware to be used in bacterial or plant tissue culture. The Lab has facility to study the enzymatic reactions and to perform the biochemical analysis of blood, Urine etc. The Laminar Air flow Unit provides a aseptic area in the aseptic chamber used for the aseptic transfer of bacterial cultures. The BOD incubator maintains a steady temperature of 37 degree suitable for the growth of bacterial cells on the culture media. The lab is also utilized to study the antibacterial activity of organic medicinal compounds.