Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab:- This lab is well maintained with charts and models of Human Organs and Organ Systems like Respiratory, Digestive, excretory, reproductive, circulatory, lymphatic, skeleton systems. Various human bones with complete human skeleton is available for the study of complete anatomy and physiology of the humans in healthy condition. The lab also consists of Microscopes and instruments for studying the blood and haemopoitic system. The lab is used for haematological studies of human blood. The lab also consist of equipments like stethoscope, sphygmomamometer and respirometer. Stethoscope is used to diagnose the abnormal heart and pulserate. Sphygmomanometer is used to determine actual blood pressure of human body. Respirometer is used to study the capacity of Lungs. The lab is also having various permanent microscopic slides of human cells, tissues and organs.