Organic Medicinal Chemistry Lab

Pharm. Chemistry Lab-I (Organic Medicinal Chemistry Lab)- This Lab is Utilized for the Synthesis and identification of Organic Medicinal Compounds. The Lab is equipped with modern infrastructure like distillation still, rotary vacuum evaporator, hot air ovens and fume cupboard. For the synthesis of medicinal compounds a reterosynthetic strategy is planned in a manner so that the theoretical as well as practical yield of the compound or the intermediate is maximum. The medicinal compounds may be synthesized in single step or more than five steps. Thermo labile compounds are treated at low temperatures using rotary vacuum evaporators. Fume cupboard is used for the explosive (like metal hydrides) synthetic reactions or when the reagents are corrosive or lachrymatory in nature. After the synthesis of medicinal compounds its purity is checked by Thin layer chromatography and melting point determination techniques. The compound is tested for its identification and limit tests as per standards.