Pharmacy is a noble profession being practiced since ancient age. Pharmacy profession has grown manifold and role of pharmacist in current times is indispensible in healthcare. The multi-dimensional growth in Pharmacy profession has increased scope of Pharmacy professional to great extent. Being a link between a Doctor and Patient, they manufacturer medicines, keep Quality control and Develop new drugs through Research and development. Further with improvement in healthcare and increased purchase power with growing economy people are spending a lot of money on Cosmetics and fitness products along with prescription and OTC drugs.. With increase in life expectancy, elderly population is also growing and hence their medical needs and increased need of medicines. All this has led to lot of new job openings in already progressing sector. Pharmacy not only offers job in domestic market but also have lot of opening globally which involve higher studies, jobs in R&D and Academics. Export of pharmaceuticals is also increasing day by day.



Prof. (Dr.) Anil Ahuja